U.S.S. Enterprise Teaser Wand Cat Toy

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A little known truth that most Trekkies don't know is that a humanoid cat served on board the USS Enterprise. It's true! M'Ress, a Catian, acted as communications officer when Uhura wasn't available. You can see her contribution to Trek in Star Trek: The Animated Series. You'll also see Dr. T'Ana, a Catian medical doctor on board the USS Cerritos on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Species diversity is always welcome in Star Trek!

You too can welcome your new feline overlords with this delightful cat toy from Star Trek -- featuring shiny supernova pom-poms, sparkling strings, and felt starship and delta-shield features. Entertain your furry friends with the merest flick of your wrist!

  • Officially Licensed Product.
  • Felt U.S.S. Enterprise starship and Command Delta with screenprinted details.
  • Woven nylon tube strings with crinkle asteroids and felt stars.
  • This toy is not suitable for children, intended for cats only.
  • Size: 23" in length.
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Air dry only.