Star Trek Uniforms Pint Glasses - 2 pc Set

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The final frontier has two exciting things going for it: Cool uniforms, and exotic beverages. Follow me on this... How many times have we seen members of Starfleet sidle up to the bar and order Aldeberan whisky, Saurian Brandy, Samarian Sunsets, or ales for everyone?

Now think of how many drinks have been accidentally spilled onto Starfleet uniforms? The only time in canon was a cup of hot cocoa onto Jean-Luc Picard's tunic on stardate 42761.3.

Now you can celebrate both Starfleet uniforms and delicious beverages with this handsome pint glass set! Two in a package, one for The Original Series, and one for Next Generation. Pour yourself an ale and sing in the finest naval tradition! Come cheer up, me lads!

  • Officially Licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Collection of Star Trek: The Original Series™ and Star Trek: The Next Generation™ images printed on pint glasses
  • Each image features minimalistic art prints of iconic uniforms and accessories in the Star Trek universe
  • All pieces are labeled with a key printed along the bottom of the glass to identify the rank of crew member who would have used the item, and a timeline in which it would have appeared in the Star Trek universe.
  • Dishwasher safe