Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Journal - Hardcover

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The venerable USS Enterprise - NCC-1701-D is widely recognized as one of the most storied starships in The Federation, and as you exit our tour towards the transporter pads for your trip back to Starbase One, please avail yourselves of our gift-shop where you can find this handsome hardcover commemorative journal; a handsome addition to your home, workplace, or collective. 
  • Officially-licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • Embossed decoration on front and back of each
  • Black ribbon for holding your place
  • Full-color artwork on endpapers
  • Cover: The Enterprise-D
  • Back: Stylized starfield
  • Page Decoration: Lined with two columns with TNG combadge insignia in lower corners
  • Gilt Edges: Red
  • Endpapers: LCARS
  • Spine: Unmarked