Star Trek Tribble Heat Change Mug

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Sometime around the year 2255 (historians disagree on the exact date) Starfleet scientist Lieutenant Edward Larkin spliced his own DNA into a species of slow-breeding Tribleustes Ventricosus, thereby creating a species that multiplied so quickly they caused the total loss of a starship and caused an ecological calamity on Pragine 63. A decade later, they would eat the entire stores of quadrotriticale on Space Station K-7.

This mug celebrates the classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles." Featuring Captain Kirk on the front, buried in the furry purring wee beasties. Pour hot liquid in and watch as the tribbles slowly appear around Kirk! 

  • Officially licensed Star Trek merchandise
  • 4 inches in diameter, 15oz.
  • Handwash only, not microwave safe