Star Trek TOS Journal 3-pack assortment

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In the classic Star Trek: The Original Series, those brightly colored uniforms were a way for the broadcasters to show off color-television. Those vivid primary colors would stand out against the gunmetal backdrops and flat grey alien skies. Soon, fans of the series would declare their favorite division colors! Would you identify with Kirk, bold in gold, Spock, cold and logical in blue, or Crewman Smith, blood red and probably dead?

This set of three journals means you don't have to choose! You get all three journals, made to look like the uniform-fronts, with rank braids on the bottom. Each one is 60 pages long, good enough for two months' worth of notes, and unlined so you can sketch and doodle to your heart's content! 

  • Set of 3 Officially Licensed Star Trek™️ softcover journals in each division color: 
    • Gold - Command with Captain's braids
    • Blue - Sciences with Commander's braids
    • Red - Operations with Lieutenant-Commander's braids
  • 6” x 8” (15.2cm x 20.31cm)
  • 60 pages, 100gsm paper