BioShock Big Daddy Vinyl Figure 4.5"

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"When their lights go out, Mr. B and I come to visit."

The iconic Bouncer Big Daddy, one of the most fearsome denizens of the underwater city of Rapture, normally towers over Player and Splicer alike, brandishing its massive drill weapon with unmatched fury towards anything that might threaten a Little Sister. Now, we're proud to present a much smaller, perhaps slightly more adorable Big Daddy that, despite its tinier stature, will guard your desktop or shelf with the same terrifying diligence as the full-sized original.

  • Officially Licensed
  • Bouncer-class big daddy vinyl Figure
  • Vinyl Figure Dimensions: 4" x 4.5" x 3.8"

The Big Daddy Vinyl Figure is perfect for:

  • Guarding Little Sisters
  • Guarding your actual little sister
  • Protecting your desk
  • Patrolling your shelves
  • Intimidating your other vinyl figures
  • Helping you practice Plasmid abilities