What We Do

The Coop Business is Divided Into Two Channels

Licensed Goods


Licensed Goods

Every license we secure, we make sure we have in-house fans of the brand. This is one of our many filters we use to ensure that we tap into its DNA. Picking up on elements and subtleties most companies miss, we then incorporate those details into the product design. This results in products with features that elevate the brand, resonating with brand influencers, hard-core and casual fans alike. We design product to perfection.

We have extensive global sales channels:

  • National and Regional Mass Merchants
  • National and Regional Department Stores
  • Dedicated E-Commerce Retailers
  • National and Regional Pet Stores
  • National, Regional and International Distributors
  • Regional Buying Groups
  • Food and Drug Retailers
  • Toy Stores
  • Electronic and Gaming Stores
  • Specialty and Independent Stores

Our Licenses

Private LabelPrivate Label

Our partners have decades of combined experience designing and manufacturing custom consumer products. Since the inception of The Coop, we have produced/sold over 30 million items.

We enjoy taking a collaborative approach to our work with our private label customers. And because we are a multi-disciplined manufacturer, specializing in cut and sew products, with established sourcing relationships both domestic and abroad, we are capable of creating great things for you.

You can find our private label products at Target, GameStop, ThinkGeek, and Petco to name just a few.