NASA Journal 3-pack assortment

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In America's earliest days of spaceflight, official documents were printed so that those that needed to know would be briefed on the important details; The performance of the massive Saturn V's F-1 engines, assembly of the Mercury Capsule's command and control consoles, the expected volume of waste generated by orbital chimpanzees... All of it was bound into handsome reports, and The Coop thought that would make a darn cool blank journal.

We had so many great ideas, we made a set of three! Wrapped together, these three 60-page journals are enough for two months' worth of notes, each. Don't accidentally leave them behind in a meeting room - you may just get a visit from unhappy men in black suits.

  • Set of 3 softcover journals made to resemble vintage NASA documents. Leave scattered in your desk to confuse and amuse your friends, coworkers.
  • Please Note: Not official NASA documents
  • 6" x 8" (15.24cm x 20.32cm)
  • 60 pages, 100gsm paper
  • Made in China