Who We Are

The Coop, formerly known as A Crowded Coop, is on the move.

We’re a company made up of passionate, professional, playful pet lovers and Pop-Culture fanatics. Formed in 2010 by Brandy Tanner and Mary Olson, this women-owned business started out determined to work with people who are like-minded and to make products that we are proud of. These original philosophies continue to guide our decisions and drive our business.

We’ve just moved into a bigger place, picked up some top-tier talent and opened an office in China. We’re growing in sales, smartly expanding our categories of expertise and increasing our channels of distribution.

A number of new licensors who like what they see have recently joined forces with us, too.

And we’ve opened The Coop Shop, our own online store, that features products we create.

Yes, indeed, The Coop is on the move!